Shannon Shaw on punching out a pervy guy at SXSW:

I think he thought I was going to be like, ‘Oh my god, no one says that to me ever!’ And that I was going to be thrilled, and, like, into the attention. But I instantly just went, like, [mimics punching this douche out]. After I punched him he, like, fell to the ground, and I apologized to his friends, who were really nice guys, and they were like, ‘Dude, he deserved it. Do it again! He’s been an asshole to girls all day.’ [Laughs] When the guy got up, I was like, ‘Listen, I shouldn’t have punched you, but you should never talk to anyone like that, ever.’ He was really humiliated and sad, but he fucking deserved it. This was, like, on the way to the stage, too. These girls came up to the stage and were like, ‘I saw you punch that guy. Thank you! He was messing with me earlier. That was awesome!’



She wants the D(ictatorship of the Proletariat)

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